The People's Government of YunCheng City
Historical Evolution
Issue time:2019-11-07

Yuncheng was once the capital established as Pingyang by Emperor Yao, Puban by Emperor Shun, Anyi by Emperor Yu and Xia.

Shang Reign located in Jizhou (one of the nine provinces of China in ancient time). While the capital set by the emperor is Center, so Yuncheng is also called Zhong Guo (Center of China) in Shang Dynasty.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Yuncheng was under the control of State Jin, and the capital was established in Jiang (now Jiangxian County)by Xian Gong of Jin in 669 BC.

After State Jin’s dividing by State Han, Zhao and Wei, Yuncheng became the capital as Anyi under the jurisdiction of State Wei.

After the unification of China by Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Yuncheng(named Anyi at that time)belonged to Hedong Prefecture (one of the 36 prefecture in Qin’s reign) and served as the seat of the government. 

During Xiaochang Period (from 525A.D. to 528A.D.) in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the capital was set in Tangzhou, and Baima (now the Yaodu District, Linfen) serves as the seat of local government. 

In the Tang Dynasty, Yuncheng was in the center of Hedong District (Hedong Dao) and the government set in Hezhong Prefecture (Yongji County today), with the jurisdiction over Shanxi and parts of Hebei Province.

In the Northern Song Dynasty, Yuncheng located in Yongxingjun area of Shaanxi District, with Jingzhao Prefecture (Xi’an today) as the seat of local government. 

In the Song and Jin Dynasty, Yuncheng was in the region of Hedong District, with the jurisdiction over Shanxi and parts of Hebei and Henani Province.

In the Dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing, Yuncheng was under the jurisdiction of Pingyang Prefecture, with Pingyang( Yaodu District, Linfen now) as the seat of local government. 

During the 3rd- 19th year of the Republic of China, Yuncheng, as well as Linfen, Shilou, Lingshi and Jiaokou belonged to Hedong District (Hedong Dao). 

In April 1939 (the 28th year of the Republic of China), it was officially named Yuncheng, with the jurisdiction over 20 counties including Anyi, Xiangling, Fencheng, Wanquan, Ronghe, Linjin, Yishi, Quwo, Yicheng, Jiexian, Yuxiang, etc.

In 1949, Jinnan Prefecture Administrative Office, including Yuncheng, Linfen, Shilou and Jiaokou, was established, in the supervision of Jinan District of Shensi-Kansu-Ningsia Border Region. In 1950, the 28 counties once belonged to Shensi-Kansu-Ningsia Border Region were officially incorporated into Shanxi Province and reassigned as Yuncheng Prefecture Administration (with jurisdiction over 1 town and 17 counties) and Linfen Prefecture Administration. In 1954, the two administrations were amalgamated as Jinnan Prefecture Administration. While in 1970, the organizational system was restored as Yuncheng and Linfen Prefecture Administrations with Jinnan Administration abolished.

In June 2000, approved by the State Council, Yucheng turns from a district to a prefecture-level city.